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2023 Lady Eagle - Volleyball

The Lady Eagles soared above the Shelbyville Dragons and the Lady Roughriders in Center today for the team’s only scrimmage. What a great way to start the season!

We.Are.Newton News and stats provided by HC Rosie Mays:

Newton outscored Shelbyville with scores of 19-25, 25-16 and 17-13. In their second match the Lady Eagles outscored Center with scores of 25-15, 25-20 and 13-12.

Top playmakers for all games include -

Princess Young (senior): 3 blks, 5 kills, 7 asst, 5 digs 3 spikes, and 7 points, and 15 good sets

Shakhyah Lewis (junior): 7 blks, 7 kills, 3 spikes, 3 asst, and 6 points

Mady Foster (freshman): 5 blks, 10 kills, 6 asst, 6 digs, and 8 points

Shelby Walker (senior): 3 spikes, 1 kill, 3 blks, 7 pts, and 2 digs

Creola Handy (senior): 10 pts, 20 good sets, and 5 digs

Journee Hanks (junior): 3 blks, 4 points, 2 digs

Bailey LeBlanc (sophomore): 6 points and 2 digs

Dakota Williams (sophomore): 3 pts, 3 digs

Rosalind Spikes (sophomore): 3 blks, 5 pts, and 1 spike

Havyn McKnight (freshman): 7 digs

Sophia Williams (senior): 3 digs

Terri Woods (junior): 2 blks.

“The entire team played well and together today. There were errors made that can be corrected for our next match at East Chambers on Tuesday. Although we started off a little rocky, I was very pleased with how the team came together and fought hard to outscore both teams in the end. Each player contributed to the games played.” Coach Mays/Newton Volleyball


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