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Burby said suspect still at large

Newton County Sheriff Robert Burby said that early Wednesday a man was seen breaking into a broken down car that was sitting on the north bound shoulder of Hwy 87.

Burby added that the man was seen carrying either a blue duffle bag or cooler he had taken out of the vehicle. He was then seen running into the woods at Big Cow Creek.

The suspect is identified as a white male, with a short and slender built. He appears to have tattoos on his face and was wearing a dark hoodie, pants, and a dark, or dirty shirt.

Burby said that his men have searched with the drone and bloodhounds but were unable to locate the man. He also said to use caution if he is spotted and that the man could be armed, but that is currently not verified.

The car has since been towed from that location.

Newton County Sheriff Robert Burby


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