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City of Newton - Considering Possible Action on Ordinance 23-08

According to the City of Newton's website the city council will meet on Tuesday Aug 15th at 6:00PM and one of the items of the agenda addresses revisions to Ordinance 23-08.

The City of Newton Agenda states that the council will "Consider possible action on Ordinance 23-08 Animal Control, review hearing notes and amending ordinance." The City of Newton has held two of the promised three public hearings to allow the citizens to voice their concerns about the proposed changes.

In a recent interview with NotOnThePayroll, Mayor John Pollock communicated that if citizens want to submit their ideas, changes or edits - they "must be submitted in writing" to the City Council.

The City of Newton's website still shows that there will be the final public hearing on August 22nd at 5:30pm [Welcome to the City of Newton, TX (]


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