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County Approves 2024 Budget

Newton County Commissioner met Tuesday morning for their regularly scheduled meeting and approved Newton County's 2024 Financial Budget.

Commissioner's Court met on Monday for the final budget workshop before voting on the 2024 Budget.

Citizens were allowed to ask questions and dialog with the commissioners during the meeting to discuss a number of line items in the proposed budget.

Newton County Judge Ronnie Cochran provided this list of changes to the proposed budget that has been posted to the county website and they are as follows:

1. Sheriff's Office - Vehicle purchase allowance increased from $ 52K to $ 75K.

2. Veteran's Services Officer - Part Time Salary of $18,128 increased to $22,620.

3. Gist Voting/Polling Location - Added $45K to the budget for building in the Gist area to be utilized as a voting/polling location and a community center.

4. Library Operations - Added $20K from the City of Newton to go towards the operational costs of the library.

5. Split the full-time solid waste positions between courthouse maintenance and solid waste.

6. Equipment - Added $100K from Road & Bridge General Cash Account to each commissioner's budget to purchase 1 asphalt roller & 1 road filler to allow the county to repair oilsand and asphalt roads.

Judge Cochran also stated, "I feel that the court adopted a solid workable budget for the fiscal year 2024, and I am proud of my role in this accomplishment. Many lessons were learned in this year's budgeting process which will allow me to be better prepared to serve the citizens of Newton County."

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