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Eagles show dominance over New Boston

Final Newton 69 to New Boston 7. Purple Pride Never Dies!!

Something overlooked many times during Newton Eagles' games are the number and type of blocking going on with offensive plays. During the game last night against New Boston there were numerous "pancakes" which is every lineman's dream. The taking on of a defensive player to overpower him and drive him to the turf eliminates that defensive player from the play. He no longer can stop the offensive ball carrier. When you see those big bodies sprinting downfield to throw blocks to extend offensive plays is amazing to watch. These guys hustle sideline to sideline and endzone to endzone as unsung heroes. They have pride and to get that "pancake" is the ultimate adrenaline rush! Next time you're at a Newton Eagle game, next Friday night would be a good opportunity, watch those guys in the trenches. They do the work and you can cheer loudly when you see that pancake or block downfield. They deserve it! Bring on the winner of Arp/Harmony the Eagles are ready! Purple Pride Never Dies!!


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