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Foster returns from Universal Miss Teen Competition

photo by Meredith Todd Love
Madelyn Foster returns from competition - photo by Meredith Todd Love

Newton County’s Madelyn Foster Brought home a National win, June 17-23, 2023, at Universal Miss Teen 2023 competition in Orlando, Florida.

Foster attended the Universal Miss Teen Contest as Miss Texas Universal Teen. Foster also holds the title Miss Southeast Texas 2022. The Universal Miss Teen Competition was a week-long affair in which Foster competed in required and optional events starting with Universal Model Competition. Foster registered for optional events where she really shined. One of the optional events was a Fashion Show, a high-fashion style modeling event. Foster wore three different outfits of her choice and won a place in the TOP 5. As a TOP 5 winner, Foster will go to New York Fashion Week to walk the runway for designer Krissy King. Foster was named the Universal Miss Model Experience Winner.

Foster ended the People’s Choice award as overall winner with final tally for Foster in first place with 1305 votes and following in second place 345 votes. During the competition, other contestants along

with parents stated, “I’ve never seen a community stand behind a girl the way yours does Madelyn!” The Foster family sent out love to Foster’s supporters on the family’s Facebook page.

Foster returned home with the following National Winnings:

> Teen TOP 5

> Model Experience Winner with New York Fashion Week runway walk for Krissy King

> Teen Top 3 in headshot

> Teen Top 3 in Photogenic

> Teen Peoples’ Choice Award Winner


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