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Game Day

Newton Nation will see your Newton Eagles at Dan Hooks Stadium in West Orange to face off against the Mustangs. The Eagles had a bye last week which leaves them revved up for tonight. The WOS and Newton programs are both recognized state wide as top tier programs. Newton of course leads the 409 with 5 state titles and WOS has made numerous state championship game appearances. Newton won last year on Barbay Field and come into this game with that winning fire! Should be a great matchup. Remember the game requires a digital ticket available through the WOS school system. NISD posted a link to do this. This will be a 7:00 pm kickoff so get your Purple on and be loud! The Newton Eagle Quarterback Club will meet at 9:00 am at The Eagle's Landing in the NISD Admin building. Come join the die hard fans and Coach Drew Johnston as they review video from the Woodville win and discuss what to expect ftom the Mustangs! Remember, get your ticket early and see ya'll at the game! Purple Pride Never Dies!!


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