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Historic Powell Hotel Cleanup Days - September 8th & 9th

Citizens of Newton are encouraged to come together to clean the downstairs area of the Historic Powell Hotel on Friday and Saturday September 8-9, 2023, starting at 9am.  Please join us. This cleanup effort will support the reopening of the Powell Hotel for weekly soup lunches, historic tours, and function as a welcome center for Newton Homecoming festivities on October 20, 2023.   During homecoming weekend, the hotel will provide refreshments, access to restrooms and musical entertainment to the public.  The Newton Historical Commission encourages everyone to visit the Historic Powell Hotel when in town.

Due to the storms over the past years, the hotel has been temporarily closed for repairs. With the help of local craftsman, Jed Dennard, new window frames are being built for all new window installation throughout the building.  Other work that needs to be done through volunteer efforts include the following: assess the old red pump for paint color and placement on the grounds, drafting, and submitting the historic details of the old bell for a permanent marker and assessment of the trees and shrubs throughout the grounds to determine which trees and plants are dead for removal.   

Volunteers are needed to provide refreshments for homecoming festivities.  If you are interested in helping provide refreshments, please contact Titter Hogan at 409-379-8435.  We are excited about the big reopening of the Historic Powell Hotel in Downtown Newton during Homecoming Weekend 2023.  Please join us in the celebration while in town, everyone is welcome and encouraged to stop by for a visit.  

If you are unable to participate in volunteer efforts, please consider donating with checks payable to Newton Historical Commission, noting Powell Hotel and send to 213 Court Street, Newton, TX 75966.


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