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Human Remains found in Bon Weir

Date: July 14, 2023

Human Remains found in Bon Wier:

On Sunday, July 10, 2023, at approximately 1502 hours, Deputies received a report of a human skull found on a sandbar near the Sabine River. The Deputy made contact with the caller, and he was taken to the location where the remains were discovered.

The remains were collected and has been sent to the laboratory where human remains are examined. Once this examination is completed, we will be able to ascertain some of the facts surrounding this case such as the gender, possible age, and other identifiable factors.

This investigation is active, and all the necessary protocols have been implemented to investigate this case. We have received numerous calls inquiring about this case. At this point, there are no facts we can

provide at this time, but once we are provided a report from the Forensic Lab pertaining to the human remains an update will be provided.

If you feel you have information pertaining to this case, please contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (409)379-3636.


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