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Hurricane Beryl, now Cat 4-still a very dangerous storm

Category 4 Hurricane Beryl, 1800 miles away from SE Texas, continues moving quickly west-northwest south of the Dominican Republic in the Central Caribbean with winds of 155 mph. The storm will continue weakening due to increasing wind shear in the Western Caribbean. Unfortunately, Beryl may make a landfall Wednesday as a major hurricane in Jamaica. Beryl will further weather as it makes another landfall along the Yucatan Peninsula very early Friday. Friday Afternoon, the storm will re-emerge into the Bay of Campeche (SW Gulf of Mexico) as a tropical storm. Over the weekend, Beryl will move west-northwest making a landfall Sunday Afternoon in the Mexican State of Tamaulipas or near Brownsville.

Forecast and first two diagrams, courtesy of our media partner 12News- Meteorologist Patrick Vaughn

The following two diagrams are compliments of NOAA


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