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It's time for DECA! And, they need your help!

Summertime is here, which means it's time for DECA!! This is the 18th year and we plan on taking it higher than it's ever been! DECA is an acronym for Developing Every Child's Ability. That's exactly what we will continue to do, especially with support of our community leaders.

We need your help! This year we will be taking 30-50 students on an "exposure" field trip to the Houston Science Museum!!! "Exposure" is the key to broadening the perspective of our youth. Child development studies have proven that youth can't achieve what they can't see!! This trip will inspire Newton County youth to stretch beyond the normality of their surroundings to achieve higher levels of success and well-being.

The estimated budget for this summer program/field trip is $3,600. Here is the breakdown:

30-50 students

Charter Bus- $1,700.00

Camp T-shirts-


Museum tickets-






We need help to fulfill this financial responsibility! Your help and support on any level is needed and appreciated! Please consider our humble request and help us make an everlasting impact on the future of the youth of Newton County!!!

If you need any further information, please contact:

Mrs. Marva Williams

P.O. Box 185

Kirbyville, TX 75956

Cell #: 409.651.4042


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