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MASA Hope Community Outreach Center - Drive Thru

🚨 Reminder 🚨

It's renewal time! Everyone MUST fill out a new application during line up. You can not do an application for anyone, NO EXCEPTIONS. You can not be proxy for more than 2 people and in order to be a proxy the applicant MUST list you during renewals. Please read attached memo.

We've also been asked who we provide services for so we wanted to let everyone know that

MASA Hope & Community Outreach Center provides assistance for anyone that meets requirements based on food bank guidelines in Deweyville School District/ South Newton County. (This does include Devil's Pocket and Old Champion.)

If you need assistance and you're not in our county and need help finding distribution locations in your county please reach out to your local sheriff's office or private message us and we can try to get you contact information for food distributions in your area. Thank you and have a blessed day!


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