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Newton County Cooling Stations

NEWTON COUNTY - With the current extreme heat conditions across Newton County we recognize that there are citizens who, due to economic hardships, may not be in the position to run their air conditioners as needed due to increased utility costs or may not have adequate air conditioning to combat these high temperatures.

The following sites will serve as cooling stations for Newton County residents (no unaccompanied minors please):

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday - Friday Beginning Tuesday, 08/01/2023

Newton: Newton Senior Center (Nutrition center/ Old Hospital)

Newton County Public Library

Deweyville: Community Center

Please note that Shady Acres Health & Rehabilitation, Newton, TX has also volunteered its facilities to anyone who needs to cool down. Thank you so much!

We are working diligently to add hours and sites as resources become available.

We would love to hear from any churches or other organizations in the outlying parts of the county who may be able to volunteer their facilities. If you don't have the facilities, you could volunteer waters or small refreshments to other sites. We encourage everyone to become involved in this effort.

Please monitor this post for updated or changed information.

Judge Ronnie Cochran


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