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Newton County Fair - TAG IN


TAG-IN/VALIDATION - Everything you need to know about Validation for the 2024 Newton Co. Fair!

For a new copy of the rules, please comment with your email on this post or contact Stacie Smith (NCFA Secretary). A view-only link for the 2024 rules will be attached to the bottom of this post.

** Breeding projects no longer have until March to enter. They will be validated with their respective species.

ALL MARKET ANIMALS AND THOSE BREEDING ANIMALS THAT WILL BE SOLD MUST BE BROUGHT TO THEIR RESPECTIVE VALIDATIONS! - All breeding animals that wish to sell under the barn at the Newton County Fair must be tagged with a Newton County Fair tag at their respective validation. (Rule #4 under Validation/Tag-In). - All animals that are eligible to be sold in the premium sale will be photographed at their respective validation. (Rule #3 under Validation/Tag-In)

OCTOBER Tag-In/Validation will be for the following: Steers, Commercial Heifers (see rules and contact JP Davis at 409-988-4957 for specific forms & requirements due at Validation), Breeding Heifers, Goats & Lambs.

DECEMBER Tag-In/Validation will be for the following: Market Swine, Breeding Swine, Chickens, Market Rabbits, and Breeding Rabbits. (There is no longer a January Tag-In/Validation. It has been moved to the 2nd Saturday in December.)

* All livestock projects must be in continuous possession and care of the exhibitor from validation until exhibition at the Newton County Fair. (part of Rule #1 under Validation/Tag-In)

** Due to Newton's Homecoming, the tag-in/validation locations stated in the rules have been switched for October Tag-In ONLY. This post shows the correct location and times for both tag-in/validation dates.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, comment below, private message the Newton Co. Fair page, or contact Stacie Smith (NCFA Secretary).

2024 Newton County Fair Junior Livestock Show General Rules & Regulations VIEW-ONLY LINK:


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