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Newton County receives $13.6 million dollars for Community Center/Shelter

The General Land Office (GLO) awarded $13,627,000 for a Community Center / Shelter on Tuesday afternoon.

Newton County Judge Ronnie Cochran said, "When the county originally applied for funds, with the understanding that the location for the multipurpose center would be located at the Newton County Airport, they were 'rejected.' The GLO stated that the location was not close enough to the populus and they did not want the building to become a storage facility." Cochran went on to say, "We changed the build location to the prison on Highway 87 North and will buildout a kitchen and dining area that will facilitate the county's Nutrition Program."

The engineering for the building was required as a part of the application process. Upon completion it will be over 20,000 sq ft. Cochran added that the project will start moving forward in early 2024.

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Joe Miller
Joe Miller
Nov 22, 2023

Good news for Newton County!!

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