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Newton County Sheriff's Report

February 5, 2024

Sheriff Robert Burby  



On Monday, February 5, 2024, we were informed that over 1000 feet of wire was cut and stolen in the predawn hours, Friday, February 2.  The telephone lines that were damaged affects landline phones west of Burkeville off Highway 63.  Windstream will keep us informed regarding the work to repair the damaged lines. This outage should only affect landline phones in this area.  This does not affect your ability to use your cell phones.

We will provide updates as they become available to this Office.

Welcome K9 Jack to Active Service with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. K9 Jack officially entered service with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office on February 2.  K9 Jack is assigned to Deputy Joshua Nash. They are now in service and considered a team and will respond in kind on any call to services that requires tracking, narcotics detection, and arrests. 

K9 Jack is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois.  K9 Jack was trained by LAK9 in Louisiana and is patrol certified and considered a dual purpose K9.  His purpose is to detect narcotics, conduct crushed and vegetation tracks. K9 Jack and his partner, Deputy Nash look forward to playing a very active role in detecting narcotics, tracking, as well as performing other duties and services with the Sheriff’s Office. 

Members of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office welcome K9 Jack and Deputy Nash back from their 4-week training certification course in Louisiana. They will both provide invaluable services to this county and surrounding areas alike.  

Calls To Service (January 29, 2024, to February 4, 2024): 

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) answered 65 calls to service.

Jail Transports: 

NCSO had 9 jail transports; 1 from NCSO to Beauregard (Phelps Unit), 2 from NCSO to JCSO, 1 from Orange Co to NCSO, 4 from Phelps Unit to NCSO, 1 to Dr Appointment. 

Jail Population:   

We currently have 27 inmates in the following jails;

12 housed in Newton, 9 housed in Beauregard, and 6 housed in Jasper.

The following individuals were booked into the County Jail:

Wyatt, Jessie Wayne 1/31/24 F2 Probation Violation F* FTA- Poss of CS (Morgan Co MO)

Williams, Justin Clay 2/2/24 MA Bond Forfeiture- Unlawful Carry (Polk  Co)

The following calls and reports were received by NCSO:  

Bon Wier: Civil Matter, Animal Nuisance x 2, Noise Complaint, Alarm, Trespassing

Deweyville: Animal Nuisance, Trespassing x 3, Officer Assist x 5, Terroristic Threat, Disturbance x 2, Burglary, Extra Patrol, Traffic Hazard x 3, Noise Complaint, Suspicious Activity, Alarm

Newton (Unincorporated Limits): Illegal Dumping, Officer Assist x 3, Welfare Concern, Alarm, Animal Nuisance x 2, Extra Patrol

Burkeville: Officer Assist, Theft (over 1000 feet of telephone lines), Burglary, Trespassing

Bleakwood: Suspicious Activity, Disturbance, 911 Hangup/ Disconnect 

Call: Officer Assist x 4, Civil Matter, Trespassing, Theft x 2, Welfare Concern

Wiergate: Extra Patrol, Mental Health 

Farrsville: Animal Nuisance

Pine Grove: Harassment, Disturbance x 2, Suspicious Activity, Officer Assist

Trout Creek: Officer Assist, 911 Hangup/Disconnect 

Gist: Suspicious Activity, Trespassing 

Jamestown: Animal Nuisance

Devil’s Pocket: Extra Patrol 

Harrells: Officer Assist


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