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Newton County Sheriff's Report

June 24, 2024

Released by:  Sheriff Robert Burby 

Calls To Service (June 17, 2024, to June 23, 2024):  The Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) answered 77 calls to service.

Jail Transports: NCSO had 5 jail transports;

2 from Jasper County Sheriff's Office to NCSO for court, 2 from Beauregard to NCSO for court, 1 from NCSO to Gist Unit.

Jail Population:   We currently have 17 inmates in the following jails;

5 housed in Newton, 8 housed in Beauregard, and 4 housed in Jasper.

The following calls and reports were received by NCSO: 

Bon Wier: Alarm, Disturbance, Mental Health, Animal Bite, Officer Assist, Suspicious Activity x 2, Noise Complaint

Deweyville: Theft, Animal Nuisance, Reckless Driving, Welfare Concern x 2, Extra Patrol x 2, Civil Matter x 2, Suspicious Activity x 2, Animal Abuse, Alarm x 2, Disturbance, Officer Assist x 5, Disorderly Conduct, 4-Wheeler Call, Civil Standby/Disturbance

Newton (Unincorporated Limits): Mental Health x 2, Officer Assist x 6, Harassment, Suspicious Activity, Disturbance, Accident/Possible

Burkeville: Agg Assault x 2, Officer Assist x 2, Terroristic Threat, Welfare Concern

Toledo Bend: Trespassing, Fraud

Call: Theft, Officer Assist, Welfare Concern

Shankleville: Animal Nuisance

Buckhorn: Suspicious Activity

Bleakwood: Officer Assist x 3, Disturbance x 2

Pine Grove: Suspicious Activity, Animal Bite, Officer Assist

Sandjack: Trespassing

Belgrade: Noise Complaint x 2, Accident

Old Salem: Disturbance

Buna: Civil Matter

Devil’s Pocket: Officer Assist


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