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Newton Eagles fall to Dangerfield

Dangerfield pulls off an upset against the favored Eagles 42-21 on Friday night. Dangerfield advances to the State Semi-Finals.

It's always difficult when the season ends without a state title and tonight saw a great season for the Eagles end. Daingerfield was athletic and aggressive with a swarming defense. As Newton gained advantages, the Tigers fought back each time. Final score was Newton 21 Daingerfield 42. The 2023 Newton Eagles put together a season of outstanding play and achievements. One setback in the Fourth Round of the playoffs does not define a team. The Eagle team represented the community, the school and the program well with Purple Pride all year. It's sad tonight but the Newton Nation should be proud of every team member and coach for allowing us to be a part of something so great. Thanks to all involved! And as always, Purple Pride Never Dies!!


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