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NOAA Key Message for Hurricane Beryl July 4 at 11am

Key Messages for Hurricane Beryl

Advisory 24: 11:00 AM EDT Thursday July 4, 2024

1. Strong winds, dangerous storm surge, damaging waves, and areas of flooding are occurring in the Cayman Islands where a Hurricane Warning remains in effect.

2. Hurricane-force winds, dangerous storm surge, and heavy rainfall are expected over portions of the Yucatan Peninsula beginning tonight as Beryl approaches that area as a hurricane. Hurricane and Tropical Storm Warnings are in effect for portions of that area.

3. There is an increasing risk of strong winds, storm surge, and heavy rainfall in portions of northeastern Mexico and southern Texas later this weekend. Interests in these areas should closely monitor the progress of Beryl and updates to the forecast.

4. Rip currents could cause life-threatening beach conditions beginning late Friday and continuing through the weekend across much of the Gulf coast.


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