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State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR)

All Newton County Residents:

We ask that you please take the time to register yourself or your loved ones who may have special needs or limitations during an emergency event. Registration is one page and takes 5-10 minutes.

So often we think of hurricanes when we usually have a few days warning and we have time to prepare evacuation for our loved ones on our own but that isn’t always the case. There are also situations, such as wildfires, when time is of the essence. During situations like these we can pull this STEAR registry and quickly identify any individuals who may be in immediate danger that may need assistance with evacuation.

The registry will also identify which homes have residents that use oxygen concentrators who will need assistance first in the event that we lose electricity.

Please note that registering does not guarantee assistance but it is detrimental to helping us plan for whatever situations may arise.

Register by calling 211 or visiting

Stay tuned for more registration opportunities as they become available.


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