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Three generations of one family work Devil's Pocket elections each year

Family ties run deep for one Newton County family, especially when it comes to elections.

During Super Tuesday's election, ETB was made aware of three generations of one family that are working the elections in South Newton County.

55-year-old Shelly Wright said that her family has been "Working the Polls" for decades and during Tuesday's election. Wright was working in the Old Laurel Baptist Church in the Devil's Pocket/Old Laurel community with her 84-year-old mom, Laverne Babington, and her 30-year-old daughter, Danielle McGlothin.

Babington served as the Presiding Judge since the mid-80s. Her Aunt, Mildred Williams served before her as Presiding Judge for 50 years, and when she passed on, the title was handed down, through the family, to her niece, Laverne.

Shelly has worked for the election community for the past 25 years. Within the past 4-5 years, she has worked as a Judge after her mom, Laverne handed down the title to her. Laverne now works as an Election Clerk.

Danielle has been working elections with her mother Shelly, and grandmother Laverne since 2019.

For many years, the elections were held in the old Community Center, but as time went by it just wasn't a viable solution so the Old Laurel Baptist Church offered its Fellowship Building for the community for the community to vote.

The women in this family take pride in working for the community and feel that it is important for the next generation to continue serving the people of Newton County.


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