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Woodville non-profit that builds beds for needy children has been robbed

The Woodville branch of the non-profit organization, 'Sleep in Heavenly Peace' is known throughout the area as a group that selflessly builds and donates handmade beds and bedding to children in need. In many cases, children were sleeping on a blanket on the floor before the organization stepped in and provided what they needed to get a good night's sleep.

Sadly, someone broke into their workshop and stole much needed tools and bedding and even vandalized the remaining tools.

In a release, one of the volunteers said, "SHP friends, we have been robbed! Everyone please be on the lookout for batteries and chargers with tags like these plus some Hartz batteries & chargers. We lost these plus extension cords, many feet of romex wire, at least one cordless Craftsman sander plus other items. They even cut the cords on our drill presses! Our preliminary estimate, so far, is roughly $4,500 worth of our 501(C)(3) nonprofit inventory stolen. Yes, we have insurance. Please be on the lookout for items like these in pawn shops, Marketplace, construction sites, etc. Thank you!"

The organization is asking that anyone who sees or hears anything about the break-in to please call the proper authorities.

Some of the missing items.

Below are images of children who have received some of the beds


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