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Attention Retired Military Members

Updated: May 8

By: W. R. Boughner TMCS(AW/SW) USN Ret

Newton County Veteran’s Service Officer

509 Main St. (or) PO Bx.1380

Newton, TX. 75966

Telephone: 409-379-9017

ATTENTION RETIRED MILITARY MEMBERS: Beginning in 2026, the old-style, blue ID cards will no longer be accepted, regardless of the printed expiration date. In order to maintain base access, please visit your nearest DEERS/ID card office to obtain a new ID. If you're unable to make it to a military installation, you can also request a new card through the RAPIDS ID Card Office Online:

UPDATE: This policy applies to ID cards of all colors (except the new white ones). They should all be updated in order to maintain base access.

(You don't have to wait until 2026, you can get yours now.)


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