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Colton Havard elected Sheriff of Newton County in a landslide

Newton County spoke loud and clear Tuesday night, saying the citizens want change by electing Colton Havard for Sheriff.

Early voting numbers were posted around 8 pm with Havard taking a substantial lead with 907 votes to Burby's 402. Havard continued to lead throughout the night winning all but 3 of the 23 Boxes in the county. Havard garnered a total of 2046 votes more than doubling Incumbent Sheriff Robert Burby with 1012.

These numbers are reminiscent of the most recent county judges race between Incumbent Kenneth Weeks and Challenger Ronnie Cochran. Cochran won with an astonishing 2 to 1 victory.


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***Early Voting Starts Today***

Early voting starts on April 22 thru April 30, 2024; 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  Election Day May 4th, 2024;  7 a.m.until 7 p.m. at Newton City Main office.


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