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Republican Party Precinct and County Conventions - This Saturday - March 23rd

If you voted in the March 5th 2024 Republican Primary, you can be a part of your precinct convention. This, is where the rubber meets the road! The grass roots opportunity to elect delegates and alternates to the Republican County Convention and to pass resolutions for consideration at the county convention. Both of these conventions are held on the same day.

This Saturday morning, March the 23rd Republican voters from all of Newton County will meet at 10 o'clock, 308 high street, at the United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, Newton to conduct the business of a precinct convention. Each precinct conducts their business.

After a lunch break the county convention will convene. Delegates to the county convention elect permanent convention officers, Delegates and alternates to state convention and consider and vote on resolutions.

Starting at this level committees may be used to do some of the preliminary work of the convention such as a nominating committee presenting a slate of delegates and alternates of those who want to be elected as delegates to state convention for the convention body to vote on.

We hope you will join us and bring a precinct neighbor to be a part! You can have a voice.

For information call or text Newton County Republican Party Secretary, Terri Woods, 409-489-8000.


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