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Deweyville students visit Newton County Courthouse

Deweyville students were given a tour, a talk and a Q&A session with Newton County's District Attorneys, Clerk and Sheriff on Tuesday morning.

The tour started in the main courtroom, then thru the Sheriff's Office and other county offices located on the square.

District Attorney Courtney Ponthier and Assistant Criminal District Attorney John Burt spoke about the judical system and how the courtroom functions. Ponthier also plugged courtroom reporters as a position that is in demand, if someone wanted to be part of the courtroom process and not be a lawyer.

A number of the students inquired about becoming law enforcement. Sheriff Burby answered questions about the process of becoming an officer, investigator or game warden.

The Sheriff's Office staff handed out bracelets to the students on the tour that stated the motto, "See something say something."

Burt concluded the day's talk by warning students about "Drugs and Social Media." Specific to social media Burt stated, "Be careful what you put on social media because it could come back to haunt you in the future."


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