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Precinct 4 - Update

Exciting NEWS!

New road surfacing occurring tomorrow on far east end of CR4212 & south end of CR4203; temporary road closure.

Here is the story….

In March of this year this year I was walking around on the far east end of CR4212 where the road crosses the railroad tracks. Holy Hardin and her daughter stopped by and ask what I was doing, I explained that I was trying to determine why/how the road was damaged so badly in this one area. Holy begin to explain exactly what had occurred some 11 months earlier (April 2022), and that she had taken pictures of the equipment when it was damaging the roadway. Holy sent me the photos that she had taken, I used those photos and drafted an email to file a claim with the railroad, again that was in March of 2023. Over the past several months we have been working with the railroad and tomorrow Precinct 4 residents will have their roadway repaired at no cost to them; tax dollars put it down originally.

Moral of the story, own your roadways and county property! If you see something being damaged and or destroyed take pictures or contact the proper authorities at once. Thank you Holy Hardin for not only taking pictures in 2022, but for sharing the story and pictures some 11 month’s later!!!

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